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Broomfield Colorado Graphics | Back-Lit Signs for small business, getting noticed

Oct 24, 2018 10:02:14 AM / by Adam Vornhagen

Back lit signs Broomfield ColoradoLocated in Broomfield Colorado | Back-Lit Signs are a great way to attract attention to your business.

Whether it be located off a major roadway or a small street, having your logo or design on a back-lit sign        draws the eyes of passersby to your business.                   New sign installed by Flatirons Graphics

  • Getting found is the first reason for having quality signage.
  • Second, it is smart to start with the right materials. It is our policy that if the sign is showing its age and looking for a refresh, start with new Plexiglas when replacing the vinyl on old signs. In a lot of cases, like when we changed the sign at 5250 Performance, the old Plexiglas is essentially being held together by the old vinyl and will fall apart when the old vinyl is removed.

The vinyl for backlit signs that we prefer to use is Avery Dennison HPMPI 2050 Matte Translucent film.

We prefer this material over others because of its resistance to shrinkage, its ability to produce a quality image with plenty of color “pop,” and its consistency.

Back lit signage ColoradoIt is a calendared film, but most backlit signs are flat or have very minimal curves, so it creates no problem when applying the vinyl to the backlit material. At Flatirons Graphics, our recommendation is to always “double-strike” the vinyl when printing for a back-lit sign.

Double-striking applies twice the amount of ink ensuring the graphic isn’t “washed out” by the light and will have longer durability in the sun and other

Old sign we replaced seen above.

elements. The MPI 2050Matte Translucent film is 3.4mm thick, giving it an outdoor durability of 5 years when un-laminated.

When it comes to long lasting backlit signs or any signs that are outdoor or in high traffic areas, lamination is the way to go.

For our backlit signs we have chosen Avery Dennison Dol 1360Z Gloss 1.3Mil laminate. This Snip20181031_3specific laminate has a 4-year durability which just adds to the life of the printed vinyl that it is covering.

The high gloss finish gives this laminate an appearance of high-quality paint when applied to printed graphics and logos. It also has excellent temperature, humidity, and UV resistant capabilities.

This vinyl also can be used on perforated vinyl for windows which is always great to have a product that cane be used for multiple applications.

What makes a great and long-lasting back-lit sign is a combination of good Plexiglas, high-quality vinyl, a high-quality laminate, and your design or logo.

Getting noticed with a back-lit sign is easy and the options are many. Know what is the best type for your business.

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Adam Vornhagen

Written by Adam Vornhagen